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    I was referred to Lyon Learning Center by my daughter’s kindergarten teacher after discovering her challenges in reading and math.  My daughter is very bright—but had difficulty with memory retrieval for letters, words and numbers.  I had looked at other learning centers, but decided to go with Lyon Learning because they really took the time to know my daughter.

    After working with her on memory retrieval of sounds and blending sounds together to read and write words as well as retrieve sight words for reading and writing, my daughter is now at grade level.

    Recently, she has also started working on retrieval of her addition and multiplication facts. My daughter loves her teachers at Lyon Learning Center and has gained the confidence to do reading and math on her own.  Thank-you Lyon-Learning-Center for everything you do to make a difference in the lives of children and their families."

    Veronica Martinez Lopez San Jose
  • “I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Three of my grandchildren have been going to Lyon Learning Center for several years now. I do not believe they would have had the level of success in school without this wonderful place. Their ability to teach to the children in the way that they learn has not only given them the information they needed to learn, but the confidence to continue to learn. They understand there are many ways to get information, not only what they are exposed to in school. Clarise is a fierce advocate for your children with the schools. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

    Dianne Blake Menlo Park, CA

    First of all, I want to thank Clarise for giving my son the opportunity to attend to her tutoring program and the staff for all their help, patience, and dedication to my son. Since a baby my son has been a hyperactive and impulsive but with a kind heart who forms strong relationships with both peers and staff. My son has attended the program for a year and they have been teaching him a lot of strategies on how to be patient, pay attention, control his impulsiveness, focus, reading, comprehension and phonemic. My son recently received an (IEP) because my son has difficulties with inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity which impact his ability to pay attention to details when reading and completing math problems, comprehend and execute multi-step instructions, retain and recall verbal information fluently without visual prompts, self monitor. Also my son has a medical diagnosis of ADHD.This is the reason I want to thank Clarise and her entire staff because they are changing my son's life by teaching him how to increase his ability to focus and read. thank you God Bless you and the staff. 🙂 My son loves all the staff his happy to attend the Lyon Learning Center!”

    Maricela L. Palo Alto, CA
  • “Clarise has a way of teaching that makes learning fun and interesting.

    I was refereed to Clarise at Building Blocks of Reading through a list of tutors given to me last year. After going through many months trying different summer Schools/ tutors finding Clarise was a God send.

    Finally finding someone who literally gets down on the floor , hands on with the child and goes step by step through whatever it is the child has difficulty with.

    Clarise has a way of teaching that makes learning fun and interesting. The programs that she works with are specific for each individual child. All my children's grades improved and there interest in School improved immensely. I would highly recommend Clarise at Building Blocks of Reading.”

    Suzanne T. Redwood City, CA
  • “With the advice and plan that Clarise has set up for my son I am sure that he is now on the right path.

    I have been sending my son here for about a year after his preschool noticed that he was unable to maintain focus, and had difficulty in following routine, and communicating with his teachers. Clarise was great in setting up a plan that helped him increase his ability to focus, read, and interact with his peers and adults. Everyone around him has noticed great improvement. With the advice and plan that Clarise has set up for my son I am sure that he is now on the right path. My son loves going to the weekly sessions, and sees them as fun and rewarding. I would definitely recommend this center to any parent who would like to see their children build their focus, communication skills, expression, reading or math!”

    Monica P. San Mateo, CA
  • Thank you Clarise and team for the new me!

    Professionally, I'm now able to recall names the first time I hear them, as well as use interesting facts more regularly during meetings, networking or new business conversations. This brain coaching has me impressing people and better positioning myself as more of an expert.

    Lisa P. Cupertino, CA
  • "Words can not describe how Clarise and her entire staff has changed my son's life.

    I will forever be grateful. Thank you for all you do for all of our children. #Blessed!"

    Mariaelena D. from San Carlos, CA