Other Instruction

We can customize brain training programs in the following areas to improve core learning and processing skills so that children and adults can achieve their maximum potential.

Auditory Processing – is an important skill for listening, speaking, reading, and spelling.  Our Instruction helps one make the critical sound to symbol connections that lead to proficient reading, spelling and learning.

Critical Thinking and Reasoning – the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. Our Instruction fosters independent and reflective thinking helpful to evaluate discussions, arguments, and opinions.

Executive Function Skills – brain-based skills that facilitate the ability to plan, organize, and gain control of impulses. Our Instruction supports a positive shift in critical thinking, flexible thinking, and self-regulation that leads to an improved ability to engage in problem-solving.

Working Memory – necessary to retain and retrieve information while at the same time processing or using that information. Our Instruction aids students in remembering details, and participate in simple and complicated activities, “how to” learn most effectively.

Short Term Memorya skill that supports long term memory is the capacity for holding, but not manipulating, a small amount of information. Our instruction provides “interactive strategies” that build on “previously learned skills” that are “generalized” to other situations.

Visual Processing refers to a hindered ability to perceive information taken in through the eyes and processed by the brain. Difficulties with visual processing affect how symbols such as letters and numbers are interpreted by the brain. Our instruction provides a kinesthetic approach to facilitate proper orientation and perception of letters and numbers to support reading, writing, and math.

Visual Imagery is a memory technique that involves constructing mental images when learning new information in order to be able to better recall the information later. Our Instruction supports students with techniques to visualize information for reading comprehension and mathematical computation.

Our personally-tailored cognitive and core skill building systems are based on scientific research that demonstrates that developing specific neurological pathways can improve brain function and academic performance for people of all ages.