Does It Take Hours For Your Child To Do Homework?

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Underlying processing skills may be at the root of the problem. This is because the underlying skills are the foundation for academic learning. Many times, well-meaning teachers and school officials assume that these underlying skills are already in place before children even begin Kindergarten.

Parents and teachers alike see great potential in students who are struggling and sometimes mistakenly believe that the difficulties are due to a lack of motivation or behavior issues. It becomes even more perplexing when these bright children shine in some areas and struggle in others.

Often times, it is believed that if an individual is struggling in reading, that he or she should JUST DO MORE READING ASSIGNMENTS. Or if the student is struggling in math, than he or she should JUST DO MORE MATH ASSIGNMENTS!

THIS WILL NOT WORK IF THE UNDERLYING PROCESSING SKILLS ARE NOT ADDRESSED! RATHER, THE RESULT MAY BE THAT THESE CHILDREN BEGIN TO INTERNALIZE NEGATIVE MESSAGES. For example, I will never forget the time when one of my bright students said, “I am a terrible writer because it looks so bad and I can’t spell!”

Does this sound familiar? “I can’t do math!” “School is boring!” “I hate school!” “My teacher hates me!”

By addressing the underlying processing skills that are holding your child back, he or she can overcome these challenges and begin to have a love of learning.

At the Lyon Learning and Tutoring Center in San Carlos, our goal has always been to determine where learning is breaking down and strengthen the areas that support academic learning. Whether your child is struggling with dyslexia, memory issues, learning disabilities, organization challenges, or working too hard on school and homework, we address these areas head-on so that whatever challenges your child is facing can be significantly reduced and in some cases even eliminated. By addressing the underlying skills that support academic learning, your child can achieve to his or her fullest potential.

We work with multiple age groups and different skill levels. Most importantly, we have a passion for learning, and we bring that love of learning to each of our students. Call us to discuss your child’s learning needs at 650-208-5925. All phone consultations are complimentary.

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