Ease Into Healthy Eating

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When I first started looking at all the sugar in the food we were eating, I was shocked. I didn’t know there was sugar in milk.  I also noticed that the kids that seem to really like diets filled with concentrated sugar also consume large quantities of carbohydrates.  I am finding out that the best way to get away from the sugar is to eat more protein.  Here is a great recipe for a protein breakfast and it tastes good too.


1/4C protein powder (unsweetened -whey or soy or other)
1 C filtered water
1T flax oil (don=t let them see you put it in!)
1T organic frozen orange concentrate / or unsweetened cranberry extract (for urinary tract health!)
1 T lecithin
1 fresh banana

1 frozen banana
2T Kefir (to benefit intestinal health – if there are no dairy reactions)

If necessary to tempt children to enjoy the shake, gradually add the other ingredients to the base ingredients of frozen banana, protein powder and water. Use chocolate protein powder if necessary or carob.

The orange concentrate – without added sugar – and powder and a bit of pure vanilla with water will taste like an orange Julius. Gradually add the other ingredients to increase your health benefits! Enjoy!

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